TRAP SAFETY South Carolina DNR

1. Remember – 100% SAFE - 100% of the TIME – No Exceptions


2. Ear and Eye Protection is Mandatory – shooters, coaches, parents, spectators, trapper and scorers if you are on the shooting field. 


3. The action on your shotgun is always open unless in the shooting stand, loaded and it is your turn to fire.


4. Always control the muzzle of the shotgun and have it pointing in a safe direction at all times.


5. The finger is never on the trigger until you are in the shooting stand; muzzle is pointed down range and ready to fire.


6. Never load more than 1 shell at any time.  Do not load unless it is your time to shoot.


7. Auto-loaders should be carried with muzzle pointed up, action open and exposed to all other shooters. Even between positions on the field and when not your turn to shoot. 


8. Over and under or break action shotguns should be carried with action open, resting on the shooting shoulder with the muzzle pointing toward the ground and the barrels held firmly with the hand from the same side.  Even between positions on the field and when not your turn to shoot.  


9. Factory ammunition and legal loads are mandatory at all SCDNR Events.  No reloads.


10. If you have a shotgun or ammunition malfunction your coach is required to take control of the shotgun, ask you to step out of the shooting box and wait 30 seconds before making the gun safe.


11. Everyone at the event is responsible for safety. If you see an unsafe condition or a safety violation make a coach aware, notify a range offical or make the correction immediately. There are no other choices… SAFETY is everyone’s responsibility!